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Bad Siding

If you have defective hardboard siding on your home or other property that was installed between 1990 and 1998, you may be entitled to a cash settlement that you can use for bad siding replacement such as vinyl siding, brick siding, etc. Claimsourceone recovered more than $15M for property owners last year!

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Bad Siding

Many buildings constructed in the 1980s and 1990s used exterior hardboard siding, often made of compressed wood fiber, wax, resin, and wood chips. When properly produced, this siding can be an effective means of protecting a home or other structure from weather damage. However, if improperly manufactured, bad siding can deteriorate and cause serious damage from buckling, rotting, softening, blistering, and severe swelling. This faulty siding can result in indoor leaks, mildew and toxic mold, warped wall studs, and cracked exterior stucco and paint.

By its nature, hardboard siding swells after absorbing water. When sealed and diligently maintained with paint or caulk, this swelling can be contained at a safe level. However, paint and caulk is still only a stop gap method of curtailing damage. Without replacement, bad siding will cause structural problems in the future. Ideally, substandard hardboard siding should be replaced by a reliable alternative such as vinyl siding.

Masonite was a leading manufacturer of defective hardboard siding. Not all buildings that used Masonite's bad siding had it replaced. It remains possible that your home could have unseen damage. If your house was built in the '80s or '90s, with Masonite siding installed between 1990 and 1998, you may qualify for a class action lawsuit cash settlement. Claimsource One has recovered more than $15 million for property owners and can help you determine whether you qualify for this suit with an on-site inspection by an insured, experienced field technician.